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August Boarding Is Filling Up Fast

Just a heads-up that if you want to board your dog with us at our house any time in August, those spaces are filling up very quickly. August is a big month for people to vacation, but, darn it all, our house is only so big. We’ve still got plenty of open spots...

The Neutering Debate

This is a MUST read for any dog owner, and anyone currently agonizing over the decision to neuter.  I decided to post this after a recent dog park visit when I asked an owner if his dog was neutered.  I suspected not (seeing him from the front)  as one of my intact...

Lazy Saturday

We have the beautiful Lily as a houseguest today, and we couldn’t be happier! As you can see, she’s made herself at home in the spare bedroom on a queen-size bed. Only fitting for royalty, so we don’t mind.