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dognadsThis is a MUST read for any dog owner, and anyone currently agonizing over the decision to neuter.  I decided to post this after a recent dog park visit when I asked an owner if his dog was neutered.  I suspected not (seeing him from the front)  as one of my intact males will  immediately approach another intact male.  The owner became defensive and started to pontificate on why he’s never neutered this or any of his previous dogs, and expressed his personal frustration regarding dog park commentary.  I assured him I wasn’t a neuter Nazi,  that  in fact one of the dogs I was with wasn’t neutered, and that it was my personal belief responsible dog owners should be able to choose to neuter or  not without the duress of peer pressure.

I will suspend further comments due to the length of the article, but there are some really interesting behavioral theories noted here.   Lastly, for those simply queasy about having someone nipping the nads of your beloved companion,  good news — there is a newly developed non-surgical alternative to castration.