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Colour Calendar-2014Just a heads-up that if you want to board your dog with us at our house any time in August, those spaces are filling up very quickly. August is a big month for people to vacation, but, darn it all, our house is only so big.

We’ve still got plenty of open spots on the schedule in terms of taking care of your dog at your house while you’re on holiday in July and/or August, but if you want your dog to hang out with the pack at our place, now would be a good time to reserve your spot. And just a reminder – since space is so limited, the fee is non-refundable if you change your mind or change your schedule. It’s a zero-sum game in that a space blocked off for you means we turned some other client away at a time of peak demand, so unfortunately we must charge for no-shows.

That’s it – looking forward to seeing your dog soon!