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I thought this afternoon’s walk would be the perfect excursion, cool day, and enjoying a nice stroll with Jules, Seth, London, Milo, Roxy, Mac, Jimmy, & Tiggy, but that suddenly turned to almost panic. Little Mac was stung on the back and paw by a still present bald faced hornet. For any of those visiting Nolte, this happened between the basketball court and the huge drain pipe, so beware — see photo of site and incident in progress.bee

Bald faced hornets are aggressive and reportedly deliver a painful sting. These are not the same as the critters hovering in the muddy water by the water fountain which I think may actually be flower flies which don’t sting.

In minutes, the poor guy was limping, sweating, spinning in circles, with a bulging back. I rushed him home, and after confirming any allergies, provided a quick delivery of Benadryl and some aloe vera on the bite sites which had him in less distress within 1/2 hour. Now, I’m no vet, or vet tech, but I have always given my dogs Benadryl for stings, hives with much success. It should generally be administered at a rate of 10 mg for every 10 pounds. It has also been reported as a good anti-anxiety and sleep agent, but that has not worked for me. Unfortunately, I think my little guy would need a dose of Haldol.