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It happens – you come in from your walk with your sweet sweet pumpkin who wasn’t so sweet.  Maybe they ecstatically rolled in horse manure, cooled off in brackish water, or depending on where you live, got skunked.  You two tromp thru the living room, and on up, down or over to the bathroom where with all your might, you wrestle him/her into the bathtub.  Now,  imagine your home has an entryway with a doggie shower – kinda like a universal shower for your grandparents,  flat, equipped with a lead tie and drain.   Close your eyes again,  and imagine this home has a built in feeding station and storage bins for your dog’s toys, and best still, a dog run.  Green with envy yet?  Well don’t fret as it appears this particular developer, Standard Pacific Homes, is currently offering these homes in AZ, CA, CO, FL, NC & TX.   Now I personally  wouldn’t be interested in this sort of style home — think elegant McMansion, but wow, an Acorn or other modern modular would really be a dream come true.  I wonder if car manufacturers can come up with something similar.