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snowdog2I  started to post this Sunday when it was 65 degrees with the tag —  “Baby, it’s almost cold outside.”  Here we are 4 days later with ice and snow all over which delayed walks Tuesday, mainly due to traffic and irritated paws.   As you know, salt can highly irritate a dogs paws, and cold temperatures can dry them out.  Here is link on things to consider this winter to keep your paws protected.  And as I mentioned to many of you who got my handmade soap from Christmas, I have been making homemade toiletries and soaps for 20+ years, and yesterday whipped up a tub of  paw balm or what I am calling “Pawtek.”  It is a handmade balm made with olive & coconut oils, shea butter and beeswax with a splash of lavender. WP_20150107_11_00_42_Pro 1 I used it yesterday on my two favorite Terriers, Gracie & Goose, and my two pups with wild success after walking our neighborhood roads which have few sidewalks.  Today I used it  on hound housemates Henry & Marlena and 4 month old Finley. Simply liberally apply all over the entire pad surface before leaving home. The hardest part will be getting it on as dogs love licking fatty oils, but don’t worry as it’s harmless with no additives, colorants, or whiteners.   If you are interested, simply let me know, I’ll drop it off and add to your next invoice.  A one ounce jar is only $5.

As for boots, I find bigger ones with velcro or lace ties, create an uncomfortable gait disturbance.  The Pawz Water Proof Boot is a disposable boot,  and I would say more of a rain boot, but they go on and stay on well (especially if purchased a size down), with little  bother to your dog, but large or long nails can puncture them.  At  roughly $15 a 12 pack, they are still worth having around.

We also noticed a lot of ice build up on legs and bellies, especially with dogs with hair (vs fur), long hair, and closer to the ground.  With that in mind, consider a sweater or jacket if you haven’t already.  Here a few to consider:  I think the Pro-zip Track jacket  from West Paw would be easy to get on and off if the dogs can step into the legs and then get zipped up.  The Stretch Fleece jacket  from  End of the Leash looks comfortable, but comes in limited colors.  Pet360 offers some great puffers and winters jackets, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the hardcore wear of Ruffwear .

Consider also giving your dog some added omegas this winter either in the form of omega fish oil tablets or flax seed.  Those help not only protect their skin and coats but help reduce shedding!  Hope this helps and we can all stay safe and warm in these cold months!  Brrrrrrrrrrr!