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It’s the most wonderful time of year! Wintertime can be either a season of hunkering down or one of socializing and traveling. It’s also a time of joy, charity, and gift-giving. No matter how busy you may be, let’s not forget about the needs of our best friends. Here are some seasonal ideas to spread the cheer.

Spread the cheerEnjoy the cooler weather

Play in the yard or take a long walk. Even better, take Fido and your family on an evening stroll to look at holiday decorations.

If you have a stretch of nasty weather then play inside. Teach your buddy a new trick or hide food and have them find it (start slowly and let them see where you hid it at first so they get the hang of the game). A game of tug of war is fun and excellent exercise. Get a bag or a box for your cat to play in and play with them.


Take a Road Trip or Have a Play Date!

Take a road trip to the local pet store. It can be a fun outing for your dog and good training too. Fido will meet other dogs and may be allowed to pick out a new toy or chew!

holiday store

If your pet likes the groomer set them (and yourself) up for a spa day. A bath, a good brushing, and a haircut always make us feel special.

Does your pet have a best friend? Invite them over for a play date! You can play in the yard or even in a family room (just move breakable things).

Head to the dog park, some towns have indoor dog parks or training facilities that have playtimes.

Volunteer at Local Shelter

volunteer shelter

Call your local shelter and ask what they need. Some might need volunteers to help walk dogs or play with other pets. Others may need blankets, treats, or toys. Often they need help transporting animals to and from the vet. You might even fall in love and adopt a new pet!

Many communities have a Picture with Santa event that often donates to a pet charity or shelter.

Make cookies for your pets! It’s easy and fun for the entire family. Really spread holiday goodwill and make extra – take them to friends and your local shelter!

We hope that you and yours enjoy the holiday and have fun this winter.

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