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Uh oh, it’s that time of year again – when we set new goals and try to improve our lives. If you’re like us, your efforts to keep those resolutions are often less then stellar. Maybe if we change the focus a little bit, so it’s on our pets, we will be motivated to do better.

Here are some easy resolutions that will improve your pet’s health, happiness, and relationship with you. Many will benefit you too!

Do a diet audit. Is your pet food high quality? Are the treats healthy and low calorie? Is your pet overweight? Is the portion size appropriate? Make 2020 the year that both you and your pet eat a healthy diet.

Go for a brain workout – learn something new! Your pet’s mental health should be a top priority, and learning helps them keep their brains sharp. Join a training class, set aside 5 minutes for training every day, or teach them a cute trick. Mental exercise will also keep your relationship strong. January is National Train Your Dog Month, which is perfect for a pet-themed resolution!

Play more! Most of our pets would prefer tugs (playtime) over hugs. Buy them a fun, new toy and play with them. Toss a ball, laugh, and have fun – you’ll both be glad you did.

Treat your dog to an extra walk each day. January is also – Walk Your Pet Month – so let’s try and get in one more walk – even if it’s just a short potty break with a little sniff time. Or, vow to clean the litter box a bit more often. We can help you accomplish both.

Try and make a few new canine and people friends this year, it will be good for both of you. Visit a local dog park, walking or bike trails, training classes, or call friends and neighbors to schedule a cup of tea and a doggie playdate.

Schedule a wellness visit. Have your vet take a look at your pet every year; it’s an essential step to staying healthy.

Create an emergency plan. You don’t know when one will happen. Make a plan for your pets and your entire family.

You probably already do some of the things on this list. Choose a few that are new to you, and have a healthy and happy 2020!