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We are being bombared by confusing, contradicting, and scary info on the Corona virus and animals.  The simple truth is there is still such much we really do not know about this novel virus, and the possibility of spillover to our pets, but current info suggests little to worry about with regards to infecting or being infected by your pet.  Here is a link  from an NPR member station which aired today 3/12/2020 –    However, to remain vigilant, consider the following:

  1.  Like sanitizer, items sell out.  To avoid any future food limitations, consider purchasing a 1-2 month supply of your pets food.
  2.  If your dog is elderly or behind in their shots, be sure to have them receive their updated vaccines to ensure a healthy immune system.
  3. Keep your cats indoors as many friendly ones are often approached in the streets or easily walk into other homes.
  4. Should you or anyone in your family become infected with the virus, please contact us immediately.  Though there have not yet been reports of pets becoming sick with COVID-19,  or of pets spreading the disease to humans, the CDC advises sick owners to seek assistance in caring for their pets and to avoid contact directly with their animals. Know that Run and Play is here to support you should you require assistance.

Additionally know that we are taking precautions and staying up to date on reports.  Our walkers have been equipped with sanitizer and are being instructed to apply at check in and departure after each visit.  Additionally, our walkers will refrain from any interaction with other people during their outings until further determinations are made.

Lastly, a couple of clients have written to advise despite being home and cancelling walks through the end of the month or the beginning of April, they are willing to still pay for our services.  Given our walkers are contractors, and do not get paid when services are cancelled,  we greatly appreciate that generiosity and any similar considerations.  Should you be home, consider supporting us by taking time for yourself and ensuring your lunch break by allowing us to continue to provide your walk.  You may also feel free to reach out to discuss a discount or working out a scaled back verse no service option. Either way, know we appreciate your patronage and want you,  your pup, and our walkers to remain with us, so let’s all be safe.  We will continue to update you as more information becomes available and/or we make any changes.