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You’re thinking… “huh, my cat grooms herself all day long, why does she need to be brushed?”  We’ve got your grooming question answered!

If your feline is long-haired, you should brush her at least a few times a week. If you have a short-haired kitty, then once a week should be enough. But with all the grooming most self-respecting cats do, why do we even have to groom them?

Here are some benefits of regular grooming.

First of all, cats can’t get all of the loose fur off with their tiny tongues. And when they groom themselves without their human helping, they get far more fur in their tummies. That means hairballs! Hairballs can turn into intestinal blockages and cause other health issues. If you brush your cat, you’ll be taking most of the loose fur off so it won’t be swallowed. Not to mention that regular brushing will cut down on shedding!

Cats have a hard time untangling matted fur, so try working the mats out carefully with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Mats hurt our pets; they pull at the skin and cause irritation, rash, or even hotspots. If your cat has serious mats that you can’t easily untangle, you may need to visit a groomer and have them clipped off.

When you brush your kitty, you can check for fleas, ticks, or skin issues. Cats can get hotspots, so it will help you catch those early before they can become a big problem. Regular brushing not only makes Fluffy look good but you’ll also be spending time together bonding. In households with multiple cats, you’ll see that they often groom each other; this is a way for them to bond and trust each other. The same thing happens when you groom your cat!

So, what tools do you need? A dual-sided brush with bristles on one side and a pin brush on the other works well for most cats. It will feel better on your kitty’s skin if the pin brush has rounded tips on the ends. A grooming mitt is good for removing excess fur on short-haired cats. Lastly, if your cat is long-haired or has mats, you will probably need a wide-toothed metal comb.

Start your grooming session slowly and gently. Make it fun, use some treats, have a playtime after, and brush in the direction your feline’s fur grows, not against it. It will turn into a time you’ll both enjoy!