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Keep Your Kitty’s Litter Box Fresh

Many people say the most difficult part of having a cat is keeping the litter box fresh, and that can be a challenge. No one, including your cat, likes a smelly litter box, so here are some tips to keep it smelling great!

Location, location, location. Some people put the box in a small secluded room, but if it doesn’t have adequate ventilation, that can actually make your home smell worse. See if you can find a spot that is out of the way, yet well ventilated.

Scoop at least once a day (more if you are so inclined), change the litter and wash the box and the scooper weekly, and buy a new box once a year (most boxes are plastic and can absorb odors).

Consider a different type of litter; some reduce smells better than others. However, don’t opt for one with a strong, perfumey scent because many cats will avoid a strongly scented litter. Before you change your litter type, you may want to set up a second box to ensure your cat will use a new type of sand; felines can be very particular about their litter!

Make sure you use the right amount of litter. A few inches is good but many cats don’t like too little or too much (your cat is more like Goldilocks than you thought). Add some fresh litter each time you scoop to keep the level correct.

You can also purchase a litter deodorizer available at pet supply stores or online – a little can go a long way, so start small. Or, try baking soda added to the litter; it’s non-toxic and absorbs smells. Start by adding just a little each time you scoop and mix it into the litter. Remember, don’t use sprays, plug-ins, or potpourri -not only do cats steer clear of strong smells, but some can be dangerous to your pets.

If you have a covered box, you should know that many have charcoal filters. Be sure to change the filters and open the box once a day to air it out.

Finally, you may want to slowly try a different diet, which can have an effect on how your litter box smells.

These steps will help you tame the litter box odor and keep your home smelling sweet. A clean box will make your cat more apt to use it every time!