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Are you tired of buying toys for your fur babies to play with only to witness their swift demise by your mischievous pet? Some of our buddies carry their toys around like treasures, but if that’s not your dog or cat, then you may have a bona fide toy destroyer. Fear not, fellow pawrents, for you are not alone.

Some dogs love ripping apart tennis balls, stuffies, and even tough chew toys with their powerful jaws. Cats, though more refined, have their moments of destruction too. Fluffy is a mighty hunter and loves scratching, biting, and gutting her catnip mice toys and feather wands.

Certain dog breeds, like Labs, Goldendoodles, Pitties, and Terriers, are famous for their toy-wrecking antics. But why do they do it? Puppies may chew while teething; adult dogs may chew due to boredom, dental health, and separation anxiety. However, many pets relish wreaking havoc just for fun!

Some destructive habits can be hazardous, like swallowing squeakers or toy fragments that could require surgery. Avoid plush toys with stuffing and squeakers if you know they’ll be shredded and perhaps swallowed in seconds. Keep any potential choking hazards out of reach when you’re not around.

You can’t eliminate the demolition derby, but providing durable chews and scratching posts will help satisfy their destructive urges. Keep any potential choking hazards out of reach when you’re not around. If Fido is a mega chewer, a stuffed Kong may be a better route for him. Try an interactive food puzzle, a rope for a game of tug-of-war, or hide a toy for a game of “find.” If you see your dog starting to take apart a toy, quietly take it away. The bottom line is to try and teach your friend not to be so rambunctious with their playthings.

Embrace your adorable toy-nadoes! Your furry friends aren’t being malicious – they’re just having a blast expressing their instincts. Keep restocking the toy box for your little toy terminator, and get ready for the loving mayhem to continue!