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Hitting the Road with Your Furry Friend

We understand that many of you like (or need) to travel with your pet now and then. Hitting the road or skies with a pet requires some extra preparation and precaution.  Follow these tips to keep your furry friend safe and comfortable during your next adventure together.

Planning Ahead

  • Ensure your pet’s vaccinations are current, and bring vaccination records with you. Some destinations or lodgings may require this documentation.
  • Get your pet microchipped and ensure their tags and microchip include your cell phone number and destination address. Collars and leashes should contain current info, too.
  • Confirm pet policies for your accommodation and destination. Scope out pet-friendly hotels or lodging in advance.
  • If flying, check airline requirements for pets and reserve a space early. Consider booking direct flights to avoid layovers. Always check with your airline; each company has its own requirements.
  • Scout out pet-friendly attractions and parks at your destination. Be sure your pet enjoys being out and about in crowds.

On the Road

  • Never leave your pet unattended in the car, even for short periods. The temperature can quickly become unsafe.
  • While driving, secure your pet in a crate or pet seatbelt. Using cargo liners will help to protect your vehicle.
  • Stop every few hours to let your pet stretch their legs and relieve themselves. Bring food/water bowls and cleanup bags.
  • Keep the A/C on and avoid direct sunlight; the cargo area of your car can heat up even while you’re driving. Bring toys and treats to ease anxiety and keep them comfortable.
  • Confirm your hotel room is truly pet-friendly before leaving pets unattended. Notify housekeeping and management that you are leaving your pet alone and always leave them crated in the room.

With the proper preparation, you and your furry sidekick can embark on a fun and safe adventure! Just use caution and patience while traveling to keep your pet happy and healthy. And if you’re traveling without your pet or taking one and leaving another at home, we are always here to help.