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The Neutering Debate

This is a MUST read for any dog owner, and anyone currently agonizing over the decision to neuter.  I decided to post this after a recent dog park visit when I asked an owner if his dog was neutered.  I suspected not (seeing him from the front)  as one of my intact...

Lazy Saturday

We have the beautiful Lily as a houseguest today, and we couldn't be happier! As you can see, she's made herself at home in the spare bedroom on a queen-size bed. Only fitting for royalty, so we don't mind.

The Difference Between a Watchdog and a Guard Dog

I was having a conversation with someone about dogs recently (I know, what a surprise), and specifically, what sorts of dogs make good guard dogs. The guy I was talking to did the same thing in that conversation that most people do when they’re talking about a guard...

My Dog Has Better Stuff Than I Do

We've all seen it and some of us have purchased it - the wildly expensive leash made out of organically-grown hemp, the dog bed that promises a perfect acupressure sleeping experience, the all-natural raw pet food packets. Buying a house with a yard, or fencing in the...

Your Dog on Drugs

There's an interesting article/discussion on the New York Times website today about the increasing amounts of medication given to pets in order to control their behavior. Some of the comments from readers are interesting as well. Here at Run and Play, we are pretty...

Actual Research to Test Effectiveness of Pet Therapy

It’s an accepted fact by many people that having a pet around does wonders for people that are ill. And there are many people that also believe that “therapy dogs” can do wonders for isolated senior citizens, children with reading disabilities, autistic children,...

What NOT to Do at a Dogpark

This is a great read, even if you know all of this already. And if you are a dog park neophyte, it is a wonderful primer on what to expect, what to look out for, etc. Click this link, and enjoy!

Open For Business

Yes, today is our first day of business as a company. We're accepting clients, and looking forward to a busy future serving the needs of dog owners local to the Silver Spring area. We have no desire to make you cringe with hollow platitudes, and we're not the type to...

Ready, Set, Bark!

Text us today and mention the word "barketing" and get 10% off your first 2 weeks of service. Be sure to include your location (either exact address, closest intersection), days of the week for walking, cat care, or boarding dates desired as well as the age & breed of your pet. We'll get right back to you.